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Truly Great Coffee

We serve Lavazza. 

Lavazza's passion for coffee, its culture and processing. Every year Lavazza selects the best coffees from plantations all over the world in order to create our specialized blends.

The quintessential coffee.

Espresso is the type of coffee most commonly consumed in Italy.

Its main feature is that it is obtained through infusion under pressure. The result is a highly concentrated beverage, with an intense aroma and rounded flavor, even though this was not the main aim of the new extraction technology, but to brew the coffee quickly. In fact the word ‘espresso’ derives from the speed at which the coffee was brewed (originally it took about 45 seconds), when it was made to order, just for the customer who had requested it.


Fresh Food Made
To Order

We aim to use fresh, local & organic products to make creative meals. 

We're Locals 
We Love Sunol 


We want to thank all our Sunol locals who have been hugely supportive as we aim to create a community oriented place to eat, drink coffee and enjoy. 

You might have noticed that our hours have been changing! Please check online for updated information on hours. We are working to figure out what will be best for our staff and our town. 

Weekly  Hours

Wednesday - Friday: 8AM - 2PM

Saturday & Sunday: 8AM - 2PM 


Closed: Monday & Tuesday